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of governor romney, his flip-flopping. for example, on the issue of fema, he was suggesting months ago that maybe you don't need a federal emergency management agency, maybe you can just let each state fend for itself. now, imagine where we would be if someone had actually taken that advice and killed fema. you would have new york, new jersey, each fighting with each other for scarce resources, for fuel, for power, for electric line repair, competing against each other to bring in assistance from other states instead of having someone to coordinate it and push it. >> we obviously saw the extraordinary scenes this week in many ways of governor christie in new jersey, sort of metaphorically putting his arm around the president, telling him what a great president he was. last thing you would have expected say two weeks ago. what did you make of that? >> i thought it was a fair appraisal. look, governor christie and new jersey has a real problem. jersey shore devastated, plus all the electric outages and problems throughout a large part of the state. of course governor christie needs help.
'm hopeful that fema will be helpful. in towns like little ferry along the hackensack river, many homes are required to have flood insurance but i'm told that that may not cover what's inside, the contents, and that may just deal with structural issues. of course, you're supposed to have homeowners insurance as well and we do, but these questions remain to be answered. i'm hoping that when fema sets up shop soon, they'll be able to discuss all the options with many of my residents. 640 who have been evacuated, who actually were rescued today by the swift water team and our volunteers here in little ferry. 640. >> amazing. it's a terrific rescue effort going on there. i congratulate you and your staff. thank you very much for joining me. >> i just want to thank all the volunteers again and everybody for all their help, from the county executive, county oem, sheriff's department, state, federal, the governor's office, and all the people in little ferry who have come together. we may be a small town but we got big heart. we'll get through this. >> i certainly echo that sentiment again. our
devastated by the storm. >> homeland security along with the head of fema, some are saying a little too late for all of this. there's been three days of virtual inactivity there from emergency services and the reason it's so significant is that staten island, although relatively small compared to some of the other areas that are affected, has suffered nearly half of the human death toll, 19 people have died there out of a total of 44 for the whole of new york. again, assemblywoman, why do you think people haven't been bothering with staten island? it seems to be one of the most ignored places and yet the most badly affected. >> i've got to tell you, you know, the lack of communication has been terrible. our cell phones aren't working. we're having a hard time communicating to city officials and i don't think the mayor or the other officials knew the devastation that was here until they came here and saw the damage. it's completely devastating. we have people here without food, water, clothes. i spent a day going up and down the streets in the new york beach session of of my district talking
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)